Join in

If you are interested in what you have read, then why not come and join in?

All sessions during the week are open to new beginners, and its probably best to turn up early so that you can have a chat with one of the instructors, so that we are aware of your current aims and abilities. We need to know these so that we can ensure your training intensity is set to the appropriate level.

The most suitable clothing is something that you can wear for general exercise, and then as you progress and when you feel ready we can provide a gi, which is the traditional training suit.

The first two sessions are free, and there is no commitment to join or sign up to start with: we want you to have a go and see if its for you.

The class starts with a 20 minute warm-up followed by the main training session. The warm-ups are intended to raise the pulse and prepare the body for action, and the intensity is based on fitness levels and grades.

For the first few sessions it is likely that you will receive training in how to fall, along with some basic escapes. This serves as a gentle introduction to prepare the body and mind for the rigours of the combat training that will soon follow.

It will help if you take a few minutes to print out and complete the attached medical questionnaire before you arrive so that we are aware of any potential problems.

Turn up with an open mind and willing attitude and we will do the rest.