Meet the Instructors


  Sensei John                                                                                   
John Surrage                                                

Head Instructor, 4th Dan

Sensei John has been training in Ju Jitsu since 1990.
  Sensei Duncan  
Duncan Shepherd

Instructor, 1st Dan

Sensei Duncan has been training since 1998. He is a lead engineer at an aerospace company.

I started Ju Jitsu because I heard someone talking about it, and couldn't believe what they were saying. Where else could you defend youself with just a pack of polos? And what if you wear a suit and are only armed with a pencil?
Ronin Sensei Alex Kaye

They call him the warrior  with no master,
or literally "man on the wave".

He drifts on that wave, and although he may be
gone as soon as he arrived, he is always part  of what he leaves behind.