About Oxford School of Ju Jitsu

The Oxford School of Ju jitsu has been training in Oxford since 5th November 1990.

The reasons why people join us are varied, but often include the desire to cope with the threat of physical attack, the need to find an enjoyable outlet for their energy, or to benefit from the structure and discipline that can often enhance many other areas of their lives. The growth of mixed martial arts (MMA) has also led athletes to search for effective standing and ground grappling techniques.

The classes are structured to not only teach self-defence, but also to build on the themes of both self-reliance and teamwork. It is suited to students of all sizes, since they are taught how to deal with larger attackers without the use of strength-for-strength.

We train against a wide range of attack situations, including weapons, multiple attackers, etc and have a wide range of techniques based on the traditional throwing and joint lock techniques to what happens when it goes to the ground. We are adept at defending ourselves standing or on the floor.