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    About Oxford School of Ju Jitsu

    The Oxford School of Ju jitsu started on 5th November 1990.

    Our members are from a wide variety of backgrounds, including school children, college students and professionals ranging from IT to law enforcement and security.

    The reasons why people join us are varied, but often include the desire to cope with the threat of physical attack, the need to find an enjoyable outlet for their energy, or to benefit from the structure and discipline that can often enhance many other areas of their lives.

    The classes for juniors are structured to not only teach self-defence, but also to build on the themes of both self-reliance and teamwork. It is suited to children of all sizes, since the student is taught how to deal with larger attackers without the use of strength-for-strength. However, since the art of Ju jitsu requires some degree of concentration we have found that the youngest age at which it can be effectively taught is from 8 years onwards.

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    The Oxford School of Ju Jitsu teaches the style of Ju Jitsu known as Tenshin Shinyo Ryu.

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